Here are just a few kind things our clients have shared with us.

We’d be happy to put you in touch with any of our clients to hear about their experiences first hand.
I used to be a runner and thought that all those long runs meant I could eat whatever I wanted (usually lots of carbs). That did not work and my weight yo-yo'd and my frustration lead me to Jim Laird. With Jim's no nonsense guidance I have learned to train smart meaning that every workout does not have to be soul crushing and that rest and recovery is key to my long term success. Fastforward a few years now and I'm doing much better at striking a balance that works for me, and I look and feel better at 48 than I ever did in my 30s. I eat clean most of the time and I allow more time for self-care (massages, long walks, bubble baths, and even naps!) and I certainly train hard, occassionally chasing performance goals as a competitive powerlifter. I'm so thankful and grateful that I found Jim and his gym community. It changed my life.
– Suzanne Waldrop’s
After approximately two months I have lost a considerable amount of body fat most noticeably in my midsection where I have had to move three notches on my belt. Furthermore I have gained a considerable amount of muscle mass in my legs, arms and abdominal region. Coupled with the loss of body fat I’m starting to see muscle definition that I have never seen before. It is very exciting and motivating to see the visual results.
– John Walker
After training with J&M, I realize to get results I do not have to work out 6 days a week doing things that are exhausting. I have seen amazing results in just 6 hours of training over 2 weeks time and having more energy and better results than I have before working at my other gym. Doesn’t hurt either that I have lost 10 pounds!
-Tammy Hatton
I have learned how to train smarter. More is not always better. Sometimes what I need most is to just chill out and let my body recover…and then I can come back even more ready for my next training session! I used to think I could literally run off my poor eating habits. I would run 12 miles and then eat (carbs) all day. I’ve learned that eating well is 80% of the battle. With Jim's support, I have switched to a Paleo diet, and as a result, I feel better, look better and exercise less. No more 12 mile runs for me!
– Suzanne Waldrop
I used to think that running was the answer to staying fit. So, I ran and ran and ran and yes, I lost weight. My knees constantly hurt. At one point when my son started kindergarten, the teacher was concerned because he didn’t go up and down the stairs foot over foot, but one step at a time. She thought maybe it was a developmental issue until I realized he was mimicking the way I walked up and down stairs because of pain. I joined in August of 2011 and while I still run on occasion for fun, it’s not my main focus for health anymore. I feel great, I feel strong and don’t hurt anymore at all. I have also met some great friends and always enjoy coming to work out, I feel fortunate to have such experts as trainers right here in Lexington!
– Holly Scudder
GYM Laird was instrumental in helping me attain my goals of better stress management and long term health and wellness. I have been training with them for almost two years and still feel challenged and cared for at each work out. I am two sizes smaller, pleased at the things my body can do, and feel in control of my stress. Jim cares enough about you to not beat you up, but build you up instead.
– Jill Haas
In less than 20 sessions in 3 months I’ve lost over 15lbs. I never thought I’d be the ”hold your fat pants up and tell everyone about your weight loss girl…” but none of my pants fit now! At first I was skeptical of this new kind of work out, but I’m now glad I gave it a shot. Changing my diet definitely played a key role in my transformation. I have been eating lots of protein, fruits and veggies and less than 100 carbs a day AND I LOVE IT. I feel great and am continuing to work on getting more definition. I am continually surprised at how simple it is to make a few lifestyle changes and reap such drastic results. I’m definitely not a work out junkie! I only spend about 3 hours in the gym/week. This is extremely reasonable even with a full nursing schedule. I never considered myself out of shape but my competitive side always knew there was room for improvement. I can definitely say that I have gained a lot more confidence in the last couple of months and really feel like a fit female! Plus my every session was really awesome and encouraging!
– Hayden M.
I have been a practicing Physical Therapist for the last 28 years treating primarily a sports medicine and orthopedic case load. Over the past few years I have had the privilege to work and consult with Jim Laird with regard to the training and conditioning of numerous high school and college athletes as well as private clients. Jim Laird possesses a working knowledge and understanding of functional anatomy and training/conditioning that exceeds that of any other strength/conditioning coach I have ever worked with as well as most physical therapists and exercise physiologists with whom I have had a professional relationship.
I emphatically recommend and endorse Jim as a capable and talented strength and conditioning coach to work with any athlete or private individual regardless of his/her age, athletic ability, type of sport or level physical conditioning.
– Dr. Mark Dodson, P.T.
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