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The Gym Laird Show
Coach Sara MacKenzie Interview

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Sara MacKenzie is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Cal Poly. Coach MacKenzie is one of the few female Strength and Conditioning Directors in the country.

Mustang Athletics coaches Sara Mackenzie, Caroline Walters, and John Smith. Photo by Joe Johnston.

I experimented with doing this interview on Instagram live, my apologies for the audio. This is a great show and well worth listening to, Coach MacKenzie has some great insights on what it takes to make it in what has traditionally been a male-dominated profession.

Coach Mackenzie and I discuss:

  • Her athletic background
  • How she got into Strength and Conditioning
  • The challenges she faced as an up and coming female coach
  • What her job involves
  • How she overcomes stereotypes
  • Her observations about athletes today
  • The demands and challenges of the College Strength Coach
  • The behind the scene demands of being a director
  • Working for free is the key to your long term success
  • Why communication is key
  • How being patience is key for long term success

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