Overview of Mike Robertson's Complete Coach Certification

  • Functional Anatomy – Not just dead guy anatomy, but how anatomy actually works with regards to movement? How to adjust programming based on common findings? How does breathing impact movement? Why are the calves always tight? The real stuff that you need to know to make a difference in programming and movement. The Complete Mike Robertson's coach certification is incredible for trainers.
  • Program Design – Everyone has a different background here. So, we start basic and give terminology, and then expand out to discuss the variables at your disposal. Whether it's sets, reps, time under tension, or rest period, I show them how to tweak these for maximum effectiveness. We wrap this section by breaking down sample programs and discussing how they work.
  • Running a Session – This is something that rarely gets covered in seminars or workshops. Here we take a deep dive into running a productive training session. From the work you do before the session to interacting with clients, to what cues you should use (and when. This is really helpful for a lot of young coaches.

  • Coaching, Cuing and Exercise Database – In this section, Mike takes various movement patterns (squatting, hinging, reaching, etc.) and really break them down to the individual joint actions and motions. We talk about what you should be looking for, what to coach/cue, and how to effectively progress or regress any exercise.
  • NEW! Coaching Workshop – To beef up the content, Mike hosted a seminar a few weeks back and went through all of the coaching materials with a wide variety of subjects. After all, it's easy to coach/cue when you're just doing a brief demo for YouTube or the ‘Gram, but here Mike is actually coaching people with different body shapes and sizes LIVE and showing exactly how to get them moving right.

There's a ton of info in this course, and all in you're looking at just under 20 hours of total content, which will be constantly updated.

Launch Information

Here's an overview of the launch process, as well as the prices they'll pay for the certification of Mike Robertson's Complete Coach:

  • Insider's List Launch – March 2nd – 6th – $200 Discount
  • Public Launch – March 7th and 8th – $797 Goes to Regular Price
  • So you want to be on the insider's list

The FREE Superset Webinar

This Friday, March 28th, 2020, Mike Robertson is going to be sending out a FREE webinar on supersets to anyone who is on the Insider's List.

Anyone who wants access to the webinar needs to be on the Insider's List no later than next Thursday, February 27th, to make sure they get access to the webinar.

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If you are reading and these dates have passed the sign up for the insider's list. So you do not miss out the next time he opens up his certification. He sends out all sorts of great content to his list. If you want to get a head start, his Complete Core Training is an excellent place to start. It is available at any time.

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