Summary of Health and Light

‘Health and Light: The extraordinary Study that Shows How light Affects Your Health and emotional well being’ is a book by John Ott. The story of the book expresses the ways in which light plays an important role in our physical health. With its theme, the book comes across as an important scientific breakthrough for the last quarter of the 20th century.

The importance of light, while recognized by scientists for long largely remains a topic that has been ignored by science. Light essentially plays an important role in our health at physical and emotional levels. Its implications while being significantly constructive may be destructive to a degree as well.

By going through the book, a reader also comes to recognize that science has not always been very open to welcoming new ideas. There have been times wherein finding acceptance for new breakthroughs has been more difficult than it is now.

The expression of the book is outstanding. It has been nicely phased and the author’s experiences and experiments have been nicely summarized. Natural light accounts for a healthy life. It has therapeutic effects, which help fight the toughest of medical conditions. It is this information that has been ignored by the pharmaceutical industry for finding selfish gains. If people leave offices to go outdoors for getting their breaks and lunches, it works positively for their health.

The book is an excellent read for everyone. It speaks of one’s own health, the health of loved ones, four-legged or feathered friends and that of plants’ as well. Here is a link to the book so you can check it out for yourself.

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