Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are your classes for?

Our classes are for anyone who wants to get a great, full-body workout in an hour that will help them lose body fat, get strong, fix their muscle imbalances, and help improve nagging pain in their back, neck, knees, shoulders, etc.  REALLY!  We can help you do it all with just one class!  If you want to feel better, sleep better, or just look better naked, this class is for you!

How long does each class last?

Each class lasts 60 minutes.

I haven’t worked out in forever! I am scared! Are you going to kick my butt?

Every exercise that we do in class, whether it’s part of the warm-up or the conditioning, is scaled to the individual.  We encourage working hard, but more importantly, we want you working SMART.  We want everyone to go at their own pace and compete against THEMSELVES, not the person next to them.  We always want you improving, but we will NEVER have you pushing through joint pain or forcing you to keep going when you are so exhausted that your form is suffering.  You get better when you perform exercises correctly… not when you are forced to finish a pre-determined number of reps just because someone decided that 20 reps was the magic number for that set.  Again, you will work hard and push yourself… but you should never feel like you are dying or are going to fall over from exhaustion.

I just need to lose about 10 lbs and tone up. Can you help me?

ABSOLUTELY!  Our classes are perfect for someone in your situation!  During our warm-up, we will help you activate appropriate muscles and get prepared for the rest of the workout.  The strength portion of our workout will help you build muscle in all the right places that will give you the fabulous curves you desire AND boost your metabolism to help keep you burning the fat you need to burn to show off those muscles.  The conditioning portion will be the icing on the cake in terms of elevating your metabolism for HOURS (and sometimes DAYS) after the workout is over.  This means you will even be burning more calories while you are SLEEPING that night!  How cool is that? It is not uncommon for our clients to lose 10-15 lbs after 1-2 months of working out with us 3 days a week.

Is everyone in the class already REALLY fit?

There are definitely some people in the class who are already quite lean and “in-shape.”  However, we have a very diverse group of individuals who take our class, and they are in every stage of their fitness journey.  Some have been working out for a month, others for 20 years.  Some of them can handle extremely intense workouts; others are still easing their way into more difficult workouts.  That’s why we scale every exercise in every class to the individual.  That way, everyone can receive a workout that is challenging for THEM!  And with such a diverse group, and such an encouraging atmosphere, there is no need to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about where you might be in your fitness journey.

Are you guys the same as CrossFit?

No, we are not the same as CrossFit.  Many of our exercises can also be found in CrossFit workouts; however, our pace is very different from CrossFit.  Our class can be a GREAT stepping stone that you take as a way to prepare your body to handle CrossFit workouts, and it can also be a perfect complement in ADDITION to CrossFit workouts.  Several of our clients take our class a couple days a week and also do CrossFit a couple of days a week and have very good results.

I just had knee surgery. Can I still take your class?

You must first consult your Doctor to ensure that you are ready for physical exercise.  If you are, then you are a perfect candidate for our class.  As mentioned above, every exercise in class will be scaled to your ability and we will work on fixing the imbalances that MAY have contributed to your knee issues in the first place.  We have experience working with post-knee surgery patients helping them get back to, or even exceed their level of pre-surgery performance.

I feel like I bulk up REALLY fast and I am scared to lift weights. Will your class make me bulky?

This is a very common fear many women have when they start doing resistance exercise.  It is also very frustrating because while many women complain about this happening to them, most experts tell them, “You’re crazy!  Women don’t have enough testosterone to get bulky!”  So who is correct?  What is the real story?  The truth is, for the MAJORITY of women, adding a significant amount of muscle is very difficult.  However, some women have a body type where they do carry more muscle mass than average, and they gain muscle mass more quickly than average.  The main problem I see, is when a woman begins to gain muscle mass, and she does not lose any body fat in the process.  OF COURSE you will look bigger… you are GAINING SOMETHING, without losing anything!  This is why diet plays such a key role.  In order for MOST women to get the look they desire, they must gain some muscle to add curves in all the right places, and also lose body fat to show off the muscle they have gained.

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