In this week’s post, Jim elaborates on his thoughts about fitness challenges. While fitness challenges can be a source of external motivation for individuals, they do not provide sustainability that can be maintained for the long haul. Fitness challenges encourage people to train harder, but it could be counterproductive to their individual needs. What could be the key to success is internal motivation, which is the driving force behind one’s willingness to alter their lifestyle (nutrition, sleeping, stress management, and training). However, if an individual is experiencing feelings of decreased motivation it could be a sign from their body that they need a break and focus needs to be made on lifestyle factors other than training.

Even though Jim may not be the biggest fan of fitness challenges, he does challenge coaches and clients alike to partake in an exercise that could be beneficial to anyone looking to relax and “shut off”. Check out his video to see what it is!

Try this exercise when you need to relax and see if it works for you!

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