Hi Guys!
We are so excited to introduce our new addition to our community 😀

David Wilton grew up a typical depressed, confused, and unhealthy young person in St. Louis, MO. A normal day was skateboarding to the Quiktrip down the street to pick up a soda and a bag of chips, what he called lunch. Health and wellness was the least of his concern. After high school and a failed attempt at college, David joined the Army Infantry. Fours years later and after multiple war deployments, he exited military life in 2004 a broken soul, searching for meaning. Always being fascinated with the human body and a desperate need to find inner peace, David went to massage school in 2006. Needless to say, that school changed him forever.

From then on he began to share his love for feeling amazing with others. For the past five years since graduating massage school, David has helped build one of the best gyms in St. Louis, transformed countless lives, became certified in many things, and spent thousands of hours learning how to achieve the best results possible. David has adopted a holistic approach to lifestyle and wellness that fits perfectly with Gym Laird’s philosophy. He followed his heart to Lexington to start the next amazing chapter of his life. With almost a decade of experience in helping others, he can’t wait to share his passion with anyone who’s ready to look better, feel better, or perform better.

You will be seeing him around in about three weeks 🙂